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Arthur “Blind” Blake

Death certificate, coroner’s report and grave discovered in Southeastern WI! A well-known international blues magazine, Blues & Rhythm, just released an article in issue #263, “In Search of Blind Blake…Arthur Blake’s death certificate unearthed” by Alex van der Tuuk, Bob Eagle, Rob Ford, Eric LeBlanc and Angela Mack.  The article gives details about an exciting blues discovery that has remained a mystery for over 60 years. Researcher Rob Ford discovered a small piece of text in the Chicago Defender which led to this international search and discovery. It has been discovered that Arthur “Blind” Blake spent some time living in Milwaukee, WI just after his recording sessions in Grafton. His death certificate and coroner’s report were located in Milwaukee, WI. Blake is buried in the Glen Oaks Cemetery off of Green Bay Road in Glendale, WI.

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